Making a SPLASH: My First Blog Ever!

Posted on by Trisha Holmes

So... I've never blogged before, but I'm thinking now is as good of a time as any to finally start the ritual, right? First off, I'm Trisha, I'm a graphic designer, and yes, I'm a natural blue—I mean Strawberry Blonde :) But I think that part of me is pretty obvious. What you may not know is that I'm a designer about to cannonball into the deep end of the Real-World-Pool, and after doing my best to tread water these past four years and keep my head above the surface, I'm hoping the right life raft will finally snatch me up so I can really start making waves (maybe even as good as my doppelgänger Ariel) and just keep swimming, swimming, swimming... Okay, I think I'm done with the Nemo jokes now ;)

More importantly, I think writing about these past four years at UMD (and the past 22 years of my life for that matter) might just actually be something worth putting out there and sharing. After all, I've come to a fantastic realization that the only thing I've ever truly been passionate about is sharing with people, whether that be the designs I've created, the songs I've learned, or just my usual bubbly smile :) I think another important thing to note is that graphic design may be the love of my career, but I have a few other loves in my life too, like my family and friends, my boyfriend, piano, music, coffee, wine & beer, movies, photography, staying healthy, keeping fit, learning new inspiring things, making connections, volleyball, softball, tweeting, creating, writing... the list goes on and on. This is the space I'll utilize to share all of those things, along with my many other discoveries in life!

With that being said, I'd like to share a few random things in the style of bullet-points ;) These are the things that I'm proud of, they just don't quite fit under the "PORTFOLIO" tab of my website:


  • This is a self portrait I put together recently, as told by the ones I love <3

  • I like to write :) It's always been a component of my academic life, but that time is almost over and I'm realizing that I've enjoyed it during regular-everyday life, too. This Mumford & Sons inspired poem is the review of an Open Mic I recently attended: 

Songs from the Soul

He sang from his heart just like how he always knew,

All the way from Florida shores and Minocqua lake views.

In Duluth the Open Mic longed for talent and cheer,

And behold Sir Ben’s hosted both Alex and beer.

The room his heavy hope, the guitar his great might,

His voice a warm crackling bonfire, the applause his moon and light.

His plaid shirt reflected off the harmonica reflection,

His quick grins and glances held me at his attention.

The melody drove straight while beer glasses kept clinking,

My thoughts followed down the road as I kept drinking.

Enjoyment laughed, admiration listened,

Ideas talked, creativity glistened.

Here’s our own hands against our hearts,

Here’s our own whole from adding up our parts.

Guitar and voice were brothers sharing memories fond,

All the listening souls felt a cherished bond.

Again and again came that last ringing tone,

And song after song we wished for a record of his to own.

There was a star danced, and under that was I born,

There was a night sky fallen, and under that will I mourn.

When all was said and done and life was all it could be,

The performance left me happily humming, “Hey Mama rock me.”

  • Lastly, this is a shout-out to an AMAZING designer that I look up to. He recently mentioned to me over coffee how he still loved this typography piece of mine, and I think I finally found a place to put it :) It just reminds me to keep thinking in new and creative ways because there's no wrong answer in design. Also, to never stop designing for myself, the best advice I've ever gotten during college and I'll never forget it.
  • Check out Matt Olin and his unbelievable talent for design at

So that's a little about me! Until next time, I'll leave you with one last thought:

It’s sometimes hard to put into words why I love graphic design, but I like to compare it to dating someone. You only know about the good, superficial stuff when your relationship first starts out, like how everyone tries to look their best and tell their funniest jokes (in this case, that could be marketing tactics, flashy graphics, or sexy typography). After that honeymoon stage, you learn about all of their flaws (a computer crash, deadlines, clients, etc.), and yet there’s just still that something about them. You still want to be with them, meet their family (fonts and programs), and maybe even get married someday (start a career). I’ve learned so much in college, all the necessary programs and tricks of the trade. I’ve also definitely had some hard times, like all-nighters and the infamous rainbow spinning wheel of death. It may sound a little weird, but I know that graphic design is “the one” for me because despite any of its flaws or annoying relatives (I hate when Comic Sans shows up out of nowhere unannounced!), I’m in love with it, want to grow old with it, have adventures with it and make memories with it (create amazing work). Even more importantly, the best part of it all is that there is such a great graphic design community in Minneapolis, a family that enjoys all the quirky design things I do. I can’t wait to graduate and join in on all of the creativity and smart design thinking.

I doubt any other blog posts of mine will be this long, but who knows!! I'm just getting started :)

T-minus 17 days to G-day